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Educational Technology Solutions for School Halls, Public Address Systems, Digital Signage, Classrooms and More


Corporate Technology Solutions for Boardrooms, Presentation Spaces, Foyers and More


Tailored solutions for House of Worship, Churches and Venues

House of Worship

Integrated and Live Hospitality Solutions Designed to Deliver Maximum Impact For Your Client


Government Integrated Solutions


Retail Solutions, Audio, Digital Signage, LED Wall, Impact


Theater Sound, Lighting and Vision

Theatre & Production

Customised Live Streaming Solutions


Technician, On Site Service

On-site Services

Our designers and technicians are specialised to take on any project, regardless of size or complexity. We'll go through your ideas and give expert advice so you can make the best decision for your project.

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"It's a real comfort having the professional team at LifeLike  to work with. Nothing was too big of an ask and we can't thank them enough."

"The production, audio and staging is first class and the team delivers a premium service."

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