Duty of Care Meets LMS

Can you afford not to enhance your “Duty of Care” by protecting not only your students, but also your teachers and assets. Only Lifelike can help you to do both by employing a state of the art integrated solution.


Streaming Solutions: When “The Digital Age” Met “SmartPedagogy”


These days, when Tech Meets Education there are significant advancements in an ever increasing plethora of areas.

You have LMS systems for E-Learning, SmartBoards for Writing and Touch Screens for Media.

Now there is system that can combine Lesson Capture*, Duty of Care*, Attendance Rolls*, Out of Bounds*, Parking Control*, Contractor Logging* and much more…….


“Smart Pedagogy” is a System Solution designed to meet multiple requirements in the Education Space including:

  • Duty of Care Capabilities

  • Anti-Bullying Capabilities

  • Incident Reporting Capabilities

  • Lesson / Lecture - Capture Capabilities

  • Pedestrian Access / Attendance Verification – Capture Capabilities

  • Vehicular Access - Capture Capabilities

  • Contractor Access - Capture Capabilities

  • Asset Management - Capture Capabilities

  • CPD Management - Capture Capabilities

  • Data Analytics – Capture Recall



You are the ICT Manager of a mid-to-large school.

You arrive at work and your Face activates the door lock to your office.

Your attendance is now logged.

Your fellow Teacher arrives at work. Their Face is now logged for attendance.

Depending on what sort of parking facilities you have, both of you potentially have had your Registration Plate logged as you parked your vehicle.

Your Student arrives. Their attendance and potential parking access has also now been logged.

A Contractor arrives on site. He has been appropriately vetted onto the System and his Face is now logged as potentially is his registration.

Another Contractor attempts to gain entry. He has not been vetted appropriately. His Face is not on file and a Warning Display is activated indicating that His access is Not Granted and that He needs to direct his attention to the Front Office for further interrogation.

During the day, a Teacher or Lecturer wishes to capture his lesson for what might be a myriad of reasons. E-Learning, Student Reference, Theatrical / Drama Portfolio, CPD, etc.

Simple arrangements are made and that Lesson is captured, stored and now available for future specified usage.

It’s Recess and in a semi-hidden area away from Supervising Teacher eyes, a bullying incident takes place. Whilst the noise and the commotion might have missed a Teachers eyes, the whole incident has been captured, stored and ready to be sorted out.

Unbeknown to the students in the bullying incident, a Student Advocate used their SmartPhone to record and upload directly into the School System, a separate viewpoint of the incident as well.

The Student doesn’t get to keep a copy of the incident, their SmartPhone has simply become an arm of the School system.

The same would apply to Teachers and Administration staff, Security and others within the boundaries of the equipped School.

This also means that Teachers can record outdoor classes, P.E, Sports etc and capture these on the School system using SmartPhone capabilities.

That brand new Projector that you had mounted, or that room full of PC’s / Laptops you’re so proud of, monitored and so that removal outside of a virtual boundary will trigger an alarm; all whilst being recorded and logged.

The Student or Uninvited Guest tFullihat attempts to gain Unauthorised Access via a monitored Virtual Boundary is going to wonder how you knew they were there. Recorded and Logged.

The Student Teacher needing Competency Feedback during a Lesson Delivery or Lecture. Recorded and Logged.

And of course, that old chestnut; Security and Surveillance. All Recorded and Logged.

Easily accessible in times of need.





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