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Local Councils

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Visitor Spaces


LifeLike recognizes the importance of security in governments and councils, which is why our technicians will go the extra mile to provide protection. We'll establish reliable security measures to keep your building safe, your data secure and your discussions confidential.

Art Gallery


Give your guests a one-of-a-kind experience with an array of design and sound options. From LED displays and music systems to interactive technology, LifeLike will create a dynamic and personalised space to ensure all visits to your venue are memorable.

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Livestreaming technology is adaptable in any circumstance, making your discussions secure and decision-making easier.

On top of this, Lifelike can also help you transition back into the office, whether this involves installing digital signs in your venue to indicate how many people can be situated in one room or setting up software that allows you to organise meeting times and locations.

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With our designers' expertise and high-quality equipment, we can craft stunning presentations that will allow your speakers to effectively communicate their ideas to a wider audience. Technicians will also be on-site to regularly inspect equipment as needed.