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Introducing the Ultimate PA System for Modern Schools!

A versatile, portable, and wireless solution that  will revolutionize your classroom experience! Our modern system combines powerful speakers,  crystal-clear microphones, and easy-to-use controls to deliver exceptional sound quality and unparalleled flexibility.

Say goodbye to outdated bell systems - our PA System seamlessly integrates with your  school's schedule, ensuring smooth transitions throughout the day.


With adjustable volume levels,  seamless audio playback, and innovative monitoring systems, every word will be heard loud and clear.

Our PA System also comes with amplifiers, cables and mixers to meet all your sound needs.


It's sleek design adds a touch of modernity to any classroom, making it functionally appealing while providing top-notch audio quality.


Upgrade your school's audio experience today with our 
functionally appealing PA System designed exclusively 
for primary and secondary schools.

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Sydney: 02 8880 6766

Newcastle: 02 4915 9615


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