You don’t have a small backyard, but you do have heaps of space or maybe even a farm and want everyone to see your video show and maybe even the people on the plane flying overhead. This 5,000 Lumen Ultra-Bright Projector will give your audience every detail even in the darkest of nights.


Create a vivid cinematic experience outdoors or a presentation to share memories and exciting news with your audience with the LifeLike Ultimate Ultra-Bright Projector and Inflatable Screen Party Pack. A 5,000 Lumen Ultra-Bright Projector with a 4.9m Inflatable Projection Screen – are perfect for video, presentation, and public speaking events that need video quality at a distance. For an impressive video experience, the LifeLike Ultimate Ultra-Bright Projector and Inflatable Screen Party Pack is highly recommended and compliments a LifeLike Sound and Lighting Party Pack. 

Ultimate Ultra-Bright Projector and Inflatable Screen Party Pack

  • Additional Items are avaialbe to enhance your party or event. Contact our team to discuss the options for getting the most out of your next event

    • 5,000 Lumen Ultra-Bright Projector
    • 4.9m Inflateable Projection Screen
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