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Theatre & Production

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Plays & Musicals

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Dance Studios

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Through decades of experience, LifeLike is able to handle any theatre project regardless of how grand and complex the production is. Our designers can compose beautiful scenery to capture the spirit of the show, while our technicians are there to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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Regardless of what your school's current decision is, Lifelike will help you continue developing your students' skillsets from wherever you are. Not only can we provide high-quality AV equipment and special effects for your drama studio, but we can also allow you to host online workshops and classes through our reliable streaming services.

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Lifelike has a strong reputation for supporting dance studios all across NSW. Our technicians and designers provide AV equipment that's both easy to set up and operate all while keeping the space clean and safe in the process so your students can have an enjoyable experience.

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For your ceremony, we're keen to take in your ideas and then create a compelling design that will blow your audience away. All equipment will be tested well before the show starts, as our technicians will remain attentive with you throughout every stage of production.


Livestreaming options are also available.

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